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Occupierworld.com is building a digital platform to capitalise on the opportunity to transform community collaboration into a major new source of competitive advantage and the default starting position for all commercial occupier enquires by radically simplifying interactions within the occupier community.

Collaboration will be the new norm in a digital age as well as a major source of competitive advantage.

Commercial occupiers currently work independently with little or no peer to peer collaboration.

This is a result of dispersed local ownership representation, limited occupier resources, inaccessible heterogenous data silos, proprietary data beliefs and the absence of a truly customer centric ecosystem.
Current real estate searches focus on marketed stock (typically less than 5% of building stock) and overlook off-market options within occupier community stock (repurposing / grey space opportunities).

Occupierworld.com will empower commercial occupiers to; i) selectively democratise occupier data, ii) create community portfolio collaboration strategies, iii) unlock peer to peer collaboration , iv) community-source space discovery and v) procure on-demand community support resources.

Become an integral part of a forward-thinking, dynamic commercial occupier community and explore new ideas and promote best practice starting with free access to our Community Forums.

Six new collaborative web application services due to be unveiled soon!

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